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David Agre

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11/02/17 12:45 PM #2    

Marci Dosovitz

Actually, Steve, the exact quote was "You see, Mrs. Ehrlich, Latin is so boring that even the clock fell asleep!"

I remember it well, and get a laugh out of it to this very day.

Also, there was a science teacher, whose name eludes me, of whom David said "He looks like a Kleenex box with the air squeezed out of it".  The teacher was pretty short and that was the ad for the new Kleenex box that came out that year!

11/02/17 12:54 PM #3    

Warren Verbin

Was the Science Teacher Mr Otwell?

11/02/17 12:59 PM #4    

Robert Louis Abrahamson

Mrs Wellington called him "David", of course. And she called Krasnoff "Robert". Of course.

11/02/17 02:46 PM #5    

Gary Tabas

I was also there for the famous clock comment, couldn't stop laughing then, and starting again now...

11/03/17 03:06 PM #6    

Stephen Seeling

 Sounds like science teacher may have been Mr Bizer who taught Biology. 

11/03/17 03:17 PM #7    

Stephen Seeling

It should be stipulated that Mrs Ehrlich was an outstanding Latin teacher. Of course, smart asses that we were, and in deference to her love of classic mythology, she was nicknamed  "The Old Roman".  That may have been another Agre contribution. 

11/03/17 04:28 PM #8    

Bj Netter (Schwartz)

So Agre called had a pet name for me he gave me in 7th grade. 

Ask me tomorrow otherwise it stays between Dave & I forever  

Stephen Seeling to this day my whole family still quotes Mr Bonnie + or -!! Centigrade!!

And remember when he cut his tie?!! And couldn’t erase the board cause the 

Overhead projector was on?!!

Ahhh memories  while I still have them  



11/03/17 07:22 PM #9    

Judi Starr Abrams (Pezola)

So Agre and I used to date on and off. What a character! I’ll never forget the night we came back to my house and I didn’t have my keys. He climbed in the house through my tiny kitchen window and landed in the sink. When he jumped down, my dog Niki bit him in the butt! RIP David Agre. You were always so much fun!


11/04/17 08:41 AM #10    

Sherry Caplan (Effron)

David was my first boyfriend, he was so cute, tough but cute, I was saddened to hear of his passing.


11/06/17 06:00 PM #11    

Jan (Jerry) Oberman

I don't have any Agre stories, but I sure have enjoyed all of yours.  I remember David fondly.

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